Paraflex 250 MG

Paraflex 250 MG

CHLORZOXAZONE-(klor zox a zone)

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Paraflex is a centrally acting muscle relaxant which is used to treat muscle spasms and also the resulting pain.  The medication is prescribed along with rest, physical therapy and other measures. Paraflex is also believed to relieve from pain and stiffness which is caused by muscle strains and sprain.Paraflex contains chlorzoxazone which is believed to act at the spinal cord level and sub cortical areas of the brain where it stops multisynatic reflex arcs which is involved in producing and maintaining skeletal muscle spasms

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Mechanism of action:

Chlorzoxazone counter the sensations of pain by directly targeting its action on multi synaptic reflex arc and subcortical areas of the brain. Paraflex 250mg inhibits the act of neuronal transmission by resisting the influx of Potassium and Calcium within it. This results in the relaxation of muscles and thereby relieving the patient from acute and chronic pain, sprains, strains and twitches, arthritis, back pain and disc syndrome etc.

Dosage and how to use:

The usual adult dose for Paraflex is 250 mg to 750 mg orally three to four times a day. The usual for pediatric dose for muscle spasms is 125 mg to 500 mg three to four times a day.     Paraflex tablets are available in bottles containing either 25 or 100 tablets per bottle.


● If you are hypersensitive to Paraflex or any ingredients of Paraflex you should not consume Paraflex 250 mg.

●Stop taking Sodium Oxybate along with Paraflex 250 mg as it is strictly prohibited.

Side effects:

The most common side effects include dizziness, drowsiness, lightheadedness, nausea, nervousness and over stimulation. If the side effects persist for a longer time, contact your doctor.

Missed dose:

In case of missed dose take it as soon as possible. However if it’s time for the next dose skip the missed dose and take your regular dose. No need of taking extra dose to make up for the missed dose.


If you have taken extra dose the symptoms may include diarrhea, difficulty in breathing, light headedness, nausea, sluggishness, dizziness, drowsiness, vomiting and weak muscles.  So when there is an overdose call your physician immediately and seek medical immediately.

Safety measures:

•After taking Paraflex 250 mg, you may feel drowsy so avoid driving while you are on Paraflex 250 mg

•In case you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are breast feeding should be discussed with your doctor.


Paraflex should be stored in a tightly closed container and should be kept out of reach from children.  The medication should be stored at room temperatures in a cool and dry place.